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Work clothes can not be ignored when the process

Today, work clothes have become companies, companies, factories used to establish the image, to show a unified beauty of clothing, because it can give people a good impression, so that enterprises, companies, factories to enhance the image. Work clothes need to pay attention to the problem there are many, work clothes can not be ignored when doing?
1, size.
When the work clothes are made, the size is a detail that can not be ignored. Size is appropriate, accurate, can only ensure that every employee dress comfortable. To provide the size, including length, sleeve length, pants length, shoulder width, chest circumference, waist circumference, hip and other data.
2, sewing.
One of the simplest ways to identify the sewing is to look at the strength of the sewing thread, the strength of the stitch, the fastness to washing, the shape and the fit with the fabric. And the most important quality requirements of the sewing is the effect after sewing, so the work clothes made, the clothes can not be broken, can not jumper, do not produce wrinkles.
3, cut.
Cut in the work clothes can not be ignored when the details of a custom, because the crop for a uniform, the quality of its cutting determines the fit of the staff. Therefore, the work clothes made in the cutting requirements to be accurate, sewing solid, no jump needle, needle and off-line phenomenon, the specification type is complete, ironing stereotypes smooth, fine packaging.
4, color.
Work clothes custom, the choice of color can not be ignored. Because a reasonable color and design into one, can give a good visual effect, it is a kind of happy psychological. Of course, the choice of its color as simple as possible a single color piggyback with color can be, otherwise it will seem chaotic, is not conducive to the image of business units.
5, fabric.
In the work clothes custom, the choice of fabric is the most can not be ignored a detail. Because in the work clothes made, the fabric is the most basic of a material, its choice directly affect the quality of uniforms. Therefore, we choose the work clothes to make fabric, according to its industry characteristics, occupational characteristics, work environment, the difference between the season to choose.

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