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Color is an important industry logo for work clothes

Any industry uniforms have their own unique logo. Hotel uniform color icon is reflected in the people to see a certain color, it will naturally think of this industry. Successful color iconic case than the "green angel", "white angel" these deeply rooted industry image. The color of the logo can be expressed from the following three aspects.
(1) work uniforms - industry signs
Each industry has its own characteristics, the general work uniform color design will be based on this point to conceive. For example, the white angels mentioned earlier - health care workers, they represent a life-saving, selfless pure good image. White is the most pure color, and in line with the principles of hygiene, so this color has become an industry logo. The uniform olive green is also because their duty is to guard the country and defend the peace, so the symbolic peace of the olive branch of the color to the meaning. Different colors will be reminiscent of different meanings, such as red on behalf of warm, blue on behalf of calm, gray on behalf of rational and so on. Which can be combined in the use of different industry uniform design.
In addition, the modern work uniform color more and more start with the enterprise CI (corporate image recognition) planning, directly to the enterprise standard color used in clothing. With the enterprise Logo (logo), product packaging and other external publicity, to more effectively promote and build corporate image. Some well-known foreign brands in this regard on the application of very good, such as "KFC" red and white blue three standard colors throughout the staff through the clothing, "Coca-Cola" company's red, "Pepsi" blue So that their clothing has a strong iconic.
(2) work uniforms - job mark
The color of the logo in the same enterprise can also play a "color management" role. In the style on the basis of similar, with different colors to be able to identify different positions. For example, in the financial or business and other industries, you can through the color brightness and purity changes to achieve from high to low position distinction. Senior leadership can be used to reflect the dark gray line of its heavy weight, intermediate manager, etc. can be used in the gray system is generous and generous, and the general staff with light gray system reflects their vibrant work style. In the hotel hotel staff clothing color, the lower the position is usually the more bright colors, such as managers usually use black, gray and other colors, the service staff is GM red, green and other conspicuous color. All kinds of uniform color clearly shows the orderly, organized and identity, easy to manage the job, but also easy to identify customers. This is not only beautify the image of employees, but also reflects the overall quality and style of the enterprise.
(3) work uniforms - safety signs
In some special industries, the color of clothing can play a role in the protection of security. Change the orange stripes fluorescent vest, sanitation workers yellow vest, firefighters light green fire insulation clothing, construction workers orange or citrus helmets and so on the awake color, are in order to chaotic environment , So that people can easily identify out to prevent some accidental accidents.

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