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Custom work clothes thousands of thousands of like

In the custom work clothes, many people for direct custom and direct purchase which has a better question. In the end which way more appropriate? Tianyu together through the following analysis, so that you clearly understand the pros and cons of the following let us take a look at it.
Custom work clothes men and women coexist easy to purchase. Work clothes must have men and women, to meet the business of men and women have to wear the problem. Now there is no one garment enterprises to ensure the production of good men's products and women's products at the same time. Respectively, to the men's enterprises and women's enterprises to purchase, but also increase the difficulty of the work (double the procurement process, double after-sales service, double the risk), but also may lead to psychological imbalance between men and women workers.
Custom work clothes easy to operate comfortable to wear. Work clothes are used for work wear, regardless of the choice of work clothes (suits, shirts), or uniforms, must ensure that wearing without prejudice to the work, which is all clothing are not fully considered (in the back, sleeves and other parts The design should be adjusted on the basis of clothing). Fear is this.
Custom work clothes service reliable after-sales protection. Procurement of work clothes requires a lot of service support. Such as improper handling of clothing, new staff (or damaged clothing) replenishment, according to the distribution of products by department and so on. All this, if the purchase of clothing, can not do, because the garment enterprises do not need to set up such a service sector, there is no special person to track a particular customer.
Custom work clothes thousands of thousands of like. Although the work clothes are group-made, but it is for everyone to wear, so the requirements of the clothing (especially the right or not) is thousands of people like, to make employees satisfied, you have to special service to every employee The And garment enterprises generally do not prepare such a technical staff and service personnel to serve.
Custom work clothes are more durable. Now the largest purchase of enterprises, but also an average of four sets of workers per year, and a set of clothes to wear every day, and wear is a year, requiring clothing is very durable. Therefore, in the clothing materials and processes, especially pay attention to durability, and, work clothes should also consider the situation of non-normal wear, which is generally not considered in the production of clothing.
Custom work clothes low cost and high cost. Work clothes, after all, is the purchase of a unit of expenses, no matter which unit claims that they do not care about money, in fact, there are still strict budget. And the price of clothing is generally higher than the cost of clothing with the same clothing business clothing (if the purchase in the mall, it is in vain to increase a commercial cost).

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